discuss that the meaning of diversity covers a much wider spectrum of differences which influence how employees approach work.

explain that at least three key challenges facing NZ organisations today are increasing ethnic diversity, aging workforce and gender equality in the workplace.
outline the structure for your essay (including which of the two types of diversity you will discuss).

In your body paragraphs (approx 80% of the overall word count):
discuss in detail two of the above challenges and the effects they can have on organisations.
provide recommendations for organisations dealing with these types of diversity.

In your conclusion (approx 10% of the overall word count):
summarise the points made in your body paragraphs.
provide a concluding statement.The topic of diversity will be discussed in numerous lectures, and this will be helpful in writing your assignment. However, you will be expected to research this topic on your own, and your essay will be assessed on the strength of the evidence you provide to support your arguments.

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