Impact of the Working Environment on Job Satisfaction for Nurses in Saudi Arabia

Research Project Final Report a guide for Health Sciences Research Project (50 credits) The final report (6000-8000 words) needs to reflect your research competency as outlined in the unit outline. You may refer to the guide below as you structure and complete your final report. The final report can be written either in the format of an extended manuscript suitable for scholar journal or a traditional thesis. You will consult your supervisor(s) about the preferred format. Abstract – You may structure your abstract as below. o Background: Provide a brief overview of the background literature. State the gap of knowledge and the aim of the study. o Methods: State the sampling/recruitment, key measurements and data analyses methods you used in the study. You may include the key measurement tool(s) you used. o Results: State total sample or response rate, where appropriate. Outline the main findings (including statistics where appropriate). o Discussion: Note brief explanation of the observations/key findings in comparison to evidence in the literature. o Conclusion, Implication/Recommendation: Highlight the implication of your study Introduction/Background – You will write the background information on the topic by highlighting some of the key studies published on the topic area, introduce the gap of knowledge and the aim of your study. Literature review – You are expected to expand on the critique you wrote in your research proposal by including recent publications that are related to the topic. This will be an extensive review and critical appraisal of the literature. Refer to the marking guide for details. Aim and objectives/hypotheses – List the aim(s) and the objectives/hypotheses that you proposed to do. Methodology – Clearly state the methods you used. (Which includes concept grid, search strategy, data extraction sheet etc. You may modify or expand on the methodology section from your submitted proposal. Refer to the marking guide for details. Results – Analyze the data or evidence rigorously and present the results in organized manner in relation to your stated aim and objectives/hypotheses. You may provide a flowchart for your systematic literature review following the PRISMA guideline. You may include tables or graphs to summarize or illustrate the key findings. The tables or graphs must be numbered and referred to clearly in the text. Remember the tables or graphs need to be self-explanatory without reading the text. Refer to the marking guide for details. Discussions – You will discuss each of the key findings against the latest findings published in the area while referring to evidence-based theories and considering limitations of your study and that of the published literature. You may organize the discussion in sub-sections in relation to the aim and objectives/hypotheses of your proposed study. Conclusions, Recommendations and Implications – You will conclude by highlighting the key findings, noting evidence-based implications and recommending future directions for research, workplace or community based on your findings. Acknowledgement – Acknowledge any assistance you have received, including monetary assistance where applicable. References – Follow APA6th referencing guide (or the preferred referencing style of a chosen journal) Appendix (include the following where applicable) – Information Sheet and Consent form – Ethics approval letter and/or approval to access secondary data – Questionnaire(s) – Raw data ( I will attach files. First one the research proposal.the second file is the Marking guide )

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