Discuss the nutritional principles that either contribute to this disease, or how nutrition is used to control or alleviate the symptoms of this disease.

Page length- 6pages minimum of text; this page count does not include the cover page, abstract or reference page. Free of grammar and spelling errors, free of punctuation errors Uses APA format. Citations are complete both in the text of the paper and in the references. References and resources MUST include the authors name, year of publication, title of the article (or chapter), journal (or book), and publisher. Any URLs lead the reader directly to the information cited. Scientifically credible sources are used. Minimum of 3 sources must be used; only one .com website or citation can be used.
Briefly describe the disease or health condition. This should not exceed one and one half pages. This discussion should be at least four and one half pages in length. (this part is worth the most for the essay)

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