Give your overall impression of UR. This is a section where your opinion can be clearly heard. Are you a fan of the text?

This semester many of us have had a love/hate relationship with the textbook Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing. Now is your chance to evaluate the text on the very rules of rhetoric that Losh and Alexander and Heinrich (Thank You for Arguing) outlined for you. In your final exam you should do all of the following:Identify, define, and evaluate two rhetorical tools that you think UR excels at or fails at. In your evaluation, be sure to explain why you think the tool meets the needs (or fails to) an audience of first year college students. (2 points)
Did you dislike it? Give examples why. (1 point)
Give your one biggest suggestion of what Losh and Alexander (the writers) or Cannon and Cannon (the illustrators) could do to better meet the needs of an audience of first year college students. It may be related to the tools you identify or may be different. (1 point)
Use in-text parenthetical citations. A works cited is not required for this assignment. (1 point)

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