discuss the Procedures of your study, explain what exactly is going to happen with as much detail as possible.

This should not exceed one page at the most. To make it a very credible discussion you may want to identify threats to internal validity and how these threats will be addressed. Cover these points in paper please. Evaluation Design a. General Organization plan (model) for evaluation; types of testing b. Evaluation questions c. Sources of information; methods for collecting information d. Data collection schedule e. Techniques for analysis of collected information f. Constraints on evaluation design/threats to internal validity g. How potential threats to internal validity will be addressed Please use scholarly sources on Google Scholar. Only two is needed. My research proposal is on how diet and depression are related. I need to come up with a testable method on how this will be or could be tested and evaluated. Some questions to think about: How many participants with depression will we use, where the participants will come from, how long will the study be, How will we test the effects of diet on depression, junk food group vs healthy food group etc This is the purpose of the methods section. Finding other research proposals that have already done this is ideal unless you come up with your own but it has to be testable. More questions I came up with that may help keep you on the right track: Questions: How does poor diet effect cognitive functioning and influence depression? How can a change in diet positively affect the condition of an individual with depression? To what degree does a poor diet increase the severity of depression? What role does body type, gender, activity level, and other factors play in the effect food has on depression? Is there a significant effect in the social normalization of fast food and increase in global depression numbers? Potential testable: Change in sleep, change in weight, change in cognitive function (as tested by reaction time, short-term memory, and word searches), hunger, fatigue, and changes in mood.

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