IOM report on Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention: Solving the Weight of a Nation (2012).

Paper must be in APA format Issues in Health Nutrition Topical Assignment The Institute of Medicine (IOM), the health care arm of the National Academies of Science (NAS), issued a landmark report, Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention: Solving the Weight of a Nation (2012). Obesity is a public health issue of monumental importance to the nation. It can be argued that this is the most significant public health challenge we face at this time, both because of the huge number of people it affects and because of the ripple effects it has and will have on the development of debilitating and costly chronic diseases. Obesity is a major contributor to the health care cost challenges we confront today in the United States. These costs have the potential to become catastrophic and unaffordable unless all sectors of society take the need for obesity prevention seriously and act responsibly. It is untenable to wait any longer until people are already sick, requiring that most of our efforts and funding be devoted to crisis intervention for diseases that could have been prevented or made less severe. (IOM, 2012) Your assignment is to thoroughly review the IOM report and write a 4-6 page paper (title and reference pages not included. A grading rubric is provided. Please note that grading will not only encompass discussion of the topic but will also consider your mastery of formal academic writing and compliance with APA formatting. Your paper must be submitted to Turnitin. You are also to submit a copy of the originality report with your paper (submit as 2 separate files). Papers with an originality score of greater than 10%, must be revised to achieve a score of less than 11% before submission. You may revise and re-submit to Turnitin until you have achieved an acceptable originality score. This assignment must be submitted no later than the due date. A penalty of 5% (1/2 course letter grade) per day will be assessed on all late entries. Issues in Health Nutrition IOM Paper Rubic TOTAL 1. Introductory Paragraph (5pts) a. States purpose of paper, significance of topic, and limits of discussion 2. Body of Paper a. Current trends: (15pts) i. Describe trends in an overweight and obese population ii. What are societal drivers of excess weight gain at a population level? b. Consequences of Obesity (15pts) i. Individual ii. Societal c. Obesity Prevention (15pts) i. Why does this make sense? ii. What are key pathways/targets for change? iii. Why is a systems approach important? d. Recommendations (15pts) i. Discuss the concept of accelerating progress in obesity prevention ii. How were recommendations determined? iii. Briefly discuss the 5 action arenas, environments for change iv. Summarize the 5 recommendations and at least 1 strategy for each e. Engagement and Equity (15pts) i. Briefly discuss the scope of engagement needed ii. Briefly discuss the equity of engagement needed 3. Concluding paragraph (5pts) a. Brief summary of discussions b. No new info introduced 4. Scholarship (15pts) a. Organization and Idea Development b. Spelling, Grammar, Syntax c. Complies with APA 6th ed. Link to book Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention: Solving the Weight of a Nation (2012).

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