Do you have any criticisms of American racial concepts (white, black, Latino/a, etc.) as categories? Explain.

After reading ch. 7 in Sandels Justice:What’s the Right Thing to do? and watching Episode 9, part 1 (first half)(, answer ONE of the following questions in your short essay (250-350 words). 2. Is affirmative action just? Why? If so, when? Bring in Sandel’s arguments (test scores, compensation for past wrongs, equal playing field, etc.) and counterarguments. Does it apply equally to gender and race? Should the focus be on poverty…also?… instead? 3. Which arguments for affirmative action do you find most compelling, and why? What are they? Explain. Clarify if you are focusing on ethnicity/race, or gender, or both? 4. Argue for, or against, affirmative action in the case of ethnicity or gender. If you are arguing against it: address and respond to the counter-claim that being a member of a certain group (gender, race, ability, etc.) CAN be a qualification for a position or job (say, acting as a role model, brining a difference perspective, etc.).

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