Does managed care lead to better quality of care in a more cost effective manner?

While at the Purdue OWL, be sure to review the examples and samples tabs to the left. The final position analysis paper requires a minimum of six resources used to support student content within the last 5 years: 2 governmental, 2 professional from the healthcare industry, and 2 scholarly sources. You may include more for this portion of the assignment as the research process begins. Scholarly peer reviewed and evidence based typically retrieved from the healthcare administration library guide at: Professional sources such as the AMA, AHIMA, ACHE, etc. Governmental sources such as CDC, AHRQ, NIH, etc. The sources should be in APA format with the annotation summarized in your own words and not taken from the abstract, body or conclusion of the source. The annotation must include: the summary, assessment and reflection as presented by Purdue OWL link above. Using Microsoft Word, create the an APA document (including title and reference pages) that includes the annotations and submit .doc file by Day 7 (Sunday) at 11:59PM CST. No other format requirement will be accepted and will earn a zero for the assignment for not following directions. Your submission will be evaluated based on the assignment requirements and the grading rubric located under Course Content

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