Select a passage from Heart of Darkness that addresses one of the three motifs (heart of darkness; savagery; truth/reality)

For direct citations, just put the page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence or passage cited. no change sentence. Do not include a works cited page. Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness (Norton, 2006; 5 edition). (in the syllabus unit 1) (UNIT I: … the merry dance of death and trade … Sept 27: course introduction – studying history and learning from books week 1: a journey into the past 1. reading: Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness (entire – pp. 3-77) 2. lecture topics: Oct 2: the dynamics of imperialism, part 1 Oct 4: the dynamics of imperialism, part 2 week 2: circumstances and ideas – the historical context 1. readings (all from Heart of Darkness, Norton Critical Edition, 5 ed. page numbers for th 4 edition are in italics): th David Van Reybrouck, Congo Under Leopold II, 1885-1908″ (pp. 107-23; not in 4 ed.) th King Leopold II, The Civilizing Mission (pp. 124-26; 119-20) George Washington Williams, An Open Letter … (pp. 126-37; 120-31) Roger Casement, The Congo Report(pp. 138-55; 131-60) Adam Hochschild, Meeting Mr. Kurtz (pp. 159-69; 171-181) G.W.F Hegel, The African Character (pp. 193-97; 208-12) Charles Darwin, On the Races of Man (pp. 197-203; 212-17) Alfred Russel Wallace, Are Humans One Race or Many? (pp. 203-09; 218-24) Francis Galton, The Comparative Worth of Different Races (pp. 209-14; 224- 29) 2. lecture topics: Oct 9: varieties of resistance – traditionalists Oct 11: varieties of resistance – modernizers week 3: interpreting historical events 1. readings (all from Heart of Darkness, Norton Critical Edition): Chinua Achebe, An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrads Heart of Darkness (pp. 306-19; 336-49) Hunt Hawkins, Heart of Darkness and Racism (pp. 332-42; 365-75) Jeremy Hawthorn, The Women of Heart of Darkness (pp.353-61; 405-15) Edward W. Said, Two Visions in Heart of Darkness (pp. 361-68; 422-29) 2. lecture topics: Oct 16: two revolutions – China and Mexico Oct 18: consequences of imperialism in the developed world)

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