Does the alliance mapping method produce reliable results? Which vegetation alliances (or species) were winners and losers as a result of the fire and why?

The focus of this project will be in-class work on comparing pre and post-fire vegetation maps for Serrano Valley. We will compare our best vegetation map with the pre-fire Serrano vegetation map to determine what vegetation changes have occurred as a result of the fire. To do this, we will need to work in class to create our own alliance map of the vegetation communities in the Serrano Valley. An alliance is a group of plant species commonly found together in patches on the landscape. We will use the California Native Plant societys method to do this work in teams in the class. We will next compare the maps and discuss the observable changes in vegetation for the pre and post-fire images, and determine together the potential causes of change.The deliverable for this project will be a brief write up discussing two things:Your critique of the alliance mapping process. How different were the alliance maps produced by the individual groups?

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