Calculate heat loss for each room according to CIBSE heat loss method

Calculate heat loss for the whole building according to CIBSE heat loss method
Choose and suggest heating system, explain why in your opinion this system is suitable
Draw a schema of the chosen heating system with simple automatic control, valves and fittings
Suggest and describe automatic control for your system with suggested operational temperatures.
Sketches of the building please find on GCUlearn.
Required presentation:
Produce final report in WORD. The report should present; the data in tabulated and graphical format to demonstrate the values achieved, examples of calculation and used equations. Attach heating system schema at the end of the report.
The report should have a title page, a brief introduction and paragraphs (with section headings) describing the results achieved and any observable trends. The results should be presented with such clarity that it could be used as a teaching aid.

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