In “The Innocent Man” by John Grisham, the author recounts a murder investigation and prosecution in Oklahoma – and the steps and missteps by prosecutors and police.

Read the book with an eye toward the duty of criminal justice professionals to “do justice”….to use the tools and powers they have carefully and professionally because of the tremendous things at stake.For your paper:Research online and think about other cases that are similar to the one in the book – ones that have had wide media reporting (hints: The work of “The Innocence Project”; the Duke University Lacrosse players sexual assault case; Texas prosecutor misconduct cases; Brady v. Maryland; others).Make sure you briefly summarize the book’s key points, focusing on the portions that relate to the concepts outlined above. Then apply the case in the book to others you reviewed, and compare and contrast them.Finally, make sure you provide your own conclusions about how we ensure that we maintain the highest professional integrity of the profession, and the oaths taken by police and prosecutors, to use legal tools – and the law – the way they were intended. What was done wrong and what would you do differently to ensure a fair outcome?Your paper should be 5 to 6 typewritten pages, excluding the title page and references/citations end pages(s), double spaced, using APA style (but you don’t have to include the “Abstract” page and paragraph). 12 point type; make sure to cite your sources…use at least four.

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