Does your critique identify at least four of the needed elements (validity and reliability, interpreting findings, ethics, follow-up study, weak vs strong results, implications not mentioned in the article, theory problems, why the methods used are better or worse than alternatives.

The assignment is to read to article ( you will find it in additional files) and summarize it as well as critique the method chosen in the experiment the article expands on and identifying what kind of experiment was used to test the hypothesis. The title page (in APA formatting):
Running head: Do Personal Space Invasions Produce Arousal ?
Titile: Personal Space Invasions in the Lavatory
Summary of the Article: (1 1/2 pages)
1. Does your summary note the type of design (experimental vs. correlational)?
2. Does your summary note the independent and dependent variables?
3. Does your summary describe the methods for the article?
4. Does your summary describe the findings?
Critique of the Article:( 1 1/2 pages)

Summary of the Article(again):( between one and two paragraphs)
1. Do you summarize the article in less than two paragraphs?

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