Usig evidence from the text, examine how shakespear uses these two co-existing worlds to underscore the idea that humans do not control their own lives. What message does he seem to be sending the audience about apearences and reality?

This is an essay on shakespears A Midsummer Nights Dream and the essay must have at LEAST 5 pragraphs. The paragraphs must be 5 sentences or more with at least 6 quotes from the book. Mispelled words are unacceptable. Must have a creative title. The prompt we have to write about is exactly one of the important elements in this play is the contrast between the real world and the magical one. Interestingly, the humans in this story are unaware of of the magical forces that directly impact and shape their lives. Finally, be sure to explain what magical/unseen forces controll all of us, even in todays world

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