How are you and your interviewee similar in backgrounds based on survey responses? Similarities will likely be discovered through the interview process. This section has two (2) or more paragraphs. If relevant, use readings from list p. 8, as source material to back up your thinking. Include a discussion of how you perceive common ground between you and the interviewee. Are similarities helpful to the interview discussion? Would the similarities aid you in managing your interviewee in a work setting? How?

This assignment helps you focus on an important course goalidentification of cultural values and how they may influence communication expectations, especially what can happen in the workplace. Homework 2, the interview of someone with a cultural background different than yours, helps you understand more about diversity within culture. This assignment also helps you avoid stereotyping in a harmful way, or being politically correct (unknowing use of identity politics).Steps to help you draft your essay (paper)
TIP: At first glance this assignment looks complex. The sequence or order of the content grading rubric factors, provide an outline for the flow of the essay. Use that sequence. Remember to insert an introduction section to the beginning.Grading Rubric
Content: 1. Background of your interviewee is included as a main section of the essay. Using Survey 1 answers, information about family, career/education, and important values are described.
Yes No/cannot locate enough description2. Background of yourself is a main section of the essay, using your replies to the Survey. includes information about family, career/education and important values.
Yes No/cannot locate enough description3. Perceptions Prior to Interview: This section needs to be done in advance. It provides an overview of what you believe will be likely differences. ( For Similarities see, #5 in this rubric). Select two (2) readings from the reading list, p 8 of this guide, and use to frame what you believe to be the basis for differences. Yes. No/cannot locate enough discussion about likely cultural differences4. Differences: Backgrounds are compared, based on interview survey responses for differences. This section has two (2) or more paragraphs. Include a discussion of two (2) or more topics that surprised you, or helped you learn more. Include a discussion of the role for operating stereotypes, if those stereotypes seem important.
Yes. No/cannot locate enough discussion
5. Similarities:
Yes No/cannot locate enough descriptionOption: Managing Differences. Write a discussion section about what should a manager consider when addressing diversity. How could a manager incorporate different perspectives and be more inclusive? In that section build on the information you gathered about cultural values from your interviewees, your survey and assigned readings.
Yes No/cannot locate enough description8. Conclusion: This last section summarizes the analysis process (re-statement of thesis, sentence describing methods used, two or more sentences describing key results).
Yes No/cannot locate enough summary, or insights are mixed into the conclusion
Content Factors Contribute 60% of assignment score.Organization of Paper (use of APA format)
1. Heading or short title for each section
2. Each important essay idea has its own paragraph. Or, said differently, each paragraph addresses one idea, not multiple ideas.
3. Sentences are clearly written and not run-on (no multiple clauses/phrases or too many ideas).
4. The first paragraph(s) of the essay is an introduction and includes a purpose (thesis) statement to set up the analysis.
5. The last section is a conclusion with Conclusion as a heading. It is a summary of the analysis and includes: a re-statement of the purpose, the method used, and 1-3 important findings, which were discussed in detail earlier in the essay.
6. Correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation
7. Sections include in-text citations, when source materials are usedAdler text, LEO Content Modules, Hofstede website, etc.Organization factors Contribute 40% of the assignment score. Grading Policy:
Scoring this essay uses a percentage range (0-89%; 90-100% for a truly outstanding set of essays) SURVEY OF BOTH SIZE: Interviewee and myselfInterviewee SurveyFemale
44 years
Childhood location: England, United Kingdom
Professional life: Working full Time
Career advancement: Education and work

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