Expending the Marketing Management Strategy from Unit Three, please develop the Financials and Controls of the Market Plan.

At a minimum, the Financials and Controls must include the following sections (complete), correctly numbered, and labeled.
Sample Outline of the Marketing Plan (Part III):4. Financials (This is the section heading, which includes an introductory paragraph)4.1 Break-Even Analysis4.2 Sales Forecast4.3 Expense Forecast5. Controls (This is the section heading, which includes an introductory paragraph.)5.1 Implementation5.2 Contingency Planning
PART FOUR (Part IV): Using the feedback provided throughout the course, appropriately modify the sections previously completed, including the Product Identification and Situation Analysis (Unit 1: Part I), the Marketing Strategy (Unit 2: Part II), and the Financials and Controls (Unit 3: Part III). Those students who do not make changes to the plan based on feedback will not be able to earn full points.Prepare the plan’s cover page and a Table of Contents,Prepare the Marketing Plans Executive Summary (maximum one page),Organize your plan according to the format of the sample plan outline,Place the cover page and Table of Contents before the Executive Summary.Instructions:Assignment should be 10-15 pages in length (the entire Marketing Plan – no more than 15 pages).Assignment may include 2 peer-reviewed journal articles reviews. Reference all sources using APA format. For guidance using APA format, please contact your professor. Develop a comprehensive marketing plan incorporating concepts and principles from the course.

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