research about the process of recruiting, selecting, performance criteria and measurement system, and training methods and delivery system of a marketing manager at Coca-Cola.

Be very specific with the methods used in recruiting, selecting, performance criteria and measurement system, and training methods and delivery system in Coca-Cola.
– Use examples, previous methods used within the company. mention the use of online courses or sending the applicant to Harvard or other universities to do a course in marketing (training).
– Mention why the applicant must be updated and has experience and skills in digital marketing.
– we want to train the applicant to become a successful market manager, this includes introducing him to the company (INDUCTION TRAINING), the customers, and the competition. (training)
– training: activities within this component should include analyzing staff specific skills and training needs in relation to their job-role (this includes technical training, process training, soft-skill training etc as required); creating training objectives and select the most appropriate training method and format; select the appropriate instructional design and technology to develop the content and materials; provide tools and techniques to evaluate training effectiveness.
– Include the process of matching sources and methods of recruitment (Recruitment Sources are the places where qualified candidates are located, such as universities or competitor firms. The different sources of Recruitment are classified into two categories.
(Internal Sources, External Sources)
Recruitment Methods are the specific means used to attract potential employees to the firm, such as online recruiting. Finding good sources of candidates and using suitable recruitment methods are essential to maximizing a firms recruiting efficiency and effectiveness.)

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