Explain and demonstrate the appropriate use (by illustration) of the survey, participant observation, experiment, and case study.

Come up with one example of each methodological approach that is NOT in the book.Focus on the specific details of each method!

Read the following carefully before participating.Read Discussion Post Guidelines and Grading Rubric carefully before participating.Do not start new topics. Click on “Discuss this topic,” then click “reply” and paste your response there. For a response post, click on the student’s post. Then, click reply and paste your post beneath that student’s post. Ask yourself if you are sure of how to:
1. Complete the primary posts correctly
2. Complete a response post correctly
3. Complete the thought for the week correctlyEmploy critical thinking defined as “a willingness to ask any question, no matter how difficult; to be open to any answer that is supported by reason and evidence; and to openly confront one’s own biases and prejudices when they get in the way. (Appelbaum and Chambliss 1997).

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