Explain how the four levels of knowledge and reality Plato discusses in the Republic proceed from his discussions of the doctrine of recollection in the Meno and his argument for the existence of the Forms in the Phaedo.

– Choose one question from above and answer thoroughly and thoughtfully, based on relevant material from the semester. – No use of unassigned sources is permitted. To be very clear, the only resources to be used in completing this assignment are the assigned texts and your course notes. The presence of words from unassigned sources will result in a zero for the essay section, even if they are in quotation marks and cited. The unquoted, uncited presence of words from unassigned sources is plagiarism, and will result in failure of the final exam as a whole. – Be sure your essay is well-written and proofread. All quotations from assigned sources should be in quotation marks and cited clearly. – Style guidelines: double space; number pages at bottom; staple pages; black ink only; easy-to- read, reasonably sized fonts only.

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