Leadership Practice in Health and Social Care

Please read through the modules guides and all of the material that will be attached. The essay required needs to be related to a healthcare situation based on the following:- Guidelines for Assessment The assessment task for this module is to provide a 6000 word essay in two sections each being approximately 3000 words. 1) A 3000 word critical analysis of the Transformational approach to leadership. 2) 2) A 3000 word reflective account of a professional leadership experience. In the first section the student should critically analyse the Transformational approach to leadership by comparing and contrasting it with other traditional forms of leadership, for example, transactional, situational and behavioural theories. There is an expectation that the student will draw from the theoretical framework of leadership to highlight important differences between the contemporary approach and other historical perspectives. In the second section the student should provide a reflective account, utilising a contemporary model of reflection (eg Gibbs reflective cycle), of an incident that they have experienced in practice where Leadership skills have had an impact on the situation. Such experiences could include implementing change, leadership, stress, effective decision making, team building etc. Students should reflect upon the experience and identify how leadership theory will enable them to learn from the experience and change their practice accordingly. The reflection should draw upon the analysis explored in section 1.

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