Explain how the issues in the case links to the specific themes or topics that has been covered so far in class readings and lectures.

WEB 2 Legal Foundations FALL 2018
1. Do some research. Find an article from a recognized news source, summarize and analyze in relation to particular chapters. Find an article about legislation, rules, or administrative law and how it affects local or state government. Discuss how the issues in this case relate to at least 3 chapters in the textbook and reader. Use any Textbook chapters and Reader Chapters from either Part II or III..
Find a news article that considers one of the themes or topics relating to government and law. Better articles have some management considerations for public or non-profit administrators.
Suggested sources: The New York Times, NPR, PBS; Akron Beacon Journal or Cleveland Plain Dealer
2. Write An Analytical Essay
Give the title of the article, the author and site where it is found and give the ulr. Follow APA Citation guidelines. (If you choose a print source, state this clearly, scan and attach a copy of the article to your essay )
Write an analytical essay that summarizes the news article and connects it to class materials.
In your essay, provide an introduction that includes your thesis. Summarize the article and discuss how the topic of the case or article relates to the topic and specifics of assigned readings or lectures
Analysis Discuss how the issues in this case relate to Textbook Chapters 3 and 5 and Reader Chapters from Part III (Ch. 11-14).
Discuss why this is a concern for public managers to address or consider. Include a Conclusion. Include a reference list.
3. Put your name on the first page on the top left, with Legal Foundations Web # 3 and the date due. [No cover page or running header]
Other Hints: Write the summary as a coherent paragraph. Write this as a paper; do not just give sentences responding to the elements of the assignment. Make it interesting and relevant.Beckett & Koenig, Public Administration and Law (READER).
Beckett, Public Management and the Rule of Law (TEXT).

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