decide if you will publish it, and give reasons for why and why not, 2. explain the criteria (theoretical basis) you have drawn upon to make your decisions

For this part of the paper I would like you to play an imaginative game, imagine that you are one of the theorists that we have studied to date (Plato, Horace, Longinus, Sydney Johnson and Elliott) and the poetry editor of a literary magazine. William Wordsworths poem lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey, has come across your desk and Mr. Wordsworth would like you to publish it. as an editor you need to 3. indicate what you liked and disliked about the poem Tintern Abbey to even be a poem. 5.Offer editing advise (if appropriate) for the would -be -poet. Wordsworth. Mr. Wordsworth has taken the liberty to forward his theoretical reflection of poetry, along with his poem in a form of the Preface to the Lyrical Ballads. Are you in agreement or in disagreement with Wordsworth main theorists. You may write this paper in a number of manners as a return Dear Mr. Wordsworth letter , as a crucial review in your own magazine or as a straight analytical paper wherein you might hypothetically begin: Plato would judge Tintern Abbey in such a way, and here are the reasons why. What is crucial is that you first identify the central premises, ideas and convictions of your theorists and then apply such theorizing and criticism to a close reading of Tintern Abbey

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