Explain that the goal is doing cultural assessments in nursing is to learn more about people of different cultures so that nurses might give more effective nursing care.

An open, honest spirit of inquiry and learning is essential to a relaxed environment and spontaneous assessment.
Be sure to review the specific guidelines for the paper provided with the grading rubric at the end of the syllabus.
The intent of the interview is to learn more about people of different cultures so nurses and other health providers give more effective care.
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Provide an introduction to your paper
Complete your assessment, using the Andrews/Boyle Transcultural Nursing Assessment guide. NOTE: You may answer the questions entirely in narrative form, or you may list each question followed by a discussion which is also in narrative form (i.e., full sentences, etc.)
After completing your assessment, describe/recommend culturally sensitive/competent care for this client. In other words, what specific nursing actions or interventions would you implement in order to care if he/she was ill?
Describe your personal feelings/reflections about the interview, including any problems or issues encountered while interviewing the client.
Conclusion: Include three important things you learned through this experience.
Utilize a minimum of three references pertaining to the ethnic/cultural group with which your client is affiliated to use in your paper. References should come from reliable and scholarly sources (i.e. nursing and related journals, published books, etc.)
The culture assessment interview paper should be approximately 4 typed pages in length, not counting the face sheet and reference page

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