How does we can teach the children the skills to prevent sexual abuse?

Your report will be your realistic solution to the problem that gave rise to your Big Idea, which you will address by the end of the semester and within the confines of a 7-10 page (single-spaced, but with headings, lists, graphics, and the like) detailed, complete and coherent formal report. Your final formal report (like the one on pages 277 290) should detail what was discovered after conducting research and will follow this format: Cover page Memo or letter of transmittal (It will begin like this: Here is the report .) Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction. Establish the need for action. Why the project was undertaken, who authorized it, and what the investigation hoped to achieve. Discussion. This will reflect the outline you created in the work plan. Conclusions. A summary of the main alternatives, their costs, and their suitability. Recommendations. A strong, definitive statement recommending which method(s) your company should adopt. Attachments. Support documents, such as sketches, tables, pie charts, bar graphs, any visual, etc. Reference page. Must state: Works Cited (MLA) or References (APA)

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