Explain why you believe they have this source of power and give examples to support your claim. Be detailed.

Example for legitimate power (DO NOT TURN THIS IN OR USE THIS EXAMPLE – develop you own example.)
1. Legitimate power- The president of TSU is Dr. Glenda Glover. She has legitimate power because she holds the position of president. This give her the responsibility for directing the activities of the university. She can appoint people to administrative positions such as dean and her signature is required for many decisions. She is able to determine the direction of the university because this is a power given to people who hold the position of university president. She attends meeting with elected officials and she represents the university.
Sources of Power1. Legitimate power is where the leader has the right, or authority to tell others what to do; employees are obligated to comply with legitimate orders.
2. Reward power is where the leader influences others because she or he controls valued rewards; people comply with the leaders wishes in order to receive those rewards.
3. Coercive power is where the leader has control over punishments; people comply to avoid those punishments.
4. Referent power is where the leader has personal characteristics that appeal to others; people comply because of admiration, a desire for approval, personal liking, or a desire to be like the leader.
5. Expert power is where the leader has certain expertise or knowledge; people comply because they believe in, can learn from, or can otherwise gain from that expertise.

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