explain why you chose these experiences as examples of intercultural communication

In your essay you are required to explain your understanding of intercultural communication. Drawing on ideas from the course, relevant literature (including course readings) and your own experience/interests, describe and reflect on three experiences that you have had of intercultural communication. One of these experiences could be the same as the one you presented in Assessment 2. Also, you will see from the course website that you have opportunities throughout the course to create and keep a reflective journal. This will support your thinking throughout the course, can be drawn on for the essay and presentation.This assessment is worth 50% of your overall grade, and requires a word count of 2250 words. In your essay:1. introduce the key ideas that will inform your reflections on your experiences

3. describe what you observed during the experiences (about yourself and others)
With reference to relevant literature:
4. discuss your reflections on what it is that is going in these experiences
5. suggest how these experiences exemplify intercultural communication in the contemporary world
6. consider how these experiences and reflections have affected your thinking about yourself and others in intercultural communication, including language, culture and communication.
7. attach your observation notes on the three examples of intercultural communication to your essay as an appendix. As part of this assessment task you will develop a one page essay plan to be discussed with your tutor in the tutorial, week 10. You will need to:1. outline the key ideas that will inform your reflections on your experiences
2. identify the three experiences of intercultural communication
3. include a list of key references from relevant literature
4. bring your essay plan to class in week 10 to workshop in groups/discuss with your tutor
5. include notes/ideas from the workshop into your essay plan to show the development of your ideas
6. submit your essay plan and notes with your essayIt is strongly recommended that internet sources be kept to a minimum and then only if referencing factual/statistical information or the reference pertains to an online academic journal. Criteria for assessing the essay:Content1. evidence of reflection and reflexivity
2. demonstrated understanding and use of relevant literature
3. quality of argument developed and conclusions drawnStructure1. clear structure (an introduction that presents the focus and main arguments, a body that presents and illustrates the main points and shows how they relate to the task, and a brief conclusion
2. appropriate referencing (in text referencing of material used from other authors, accurate list of references)
3. appropriate use of language conventions such as grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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