What is the significance of the NHANES and BRFSS for monitoring the nutrition status of the population?

Comment on a dietary trend and the importance of this trend to public health nutrition? Discussion 2: Liza is a 23 year old graphic designer. She attends the gym 6 days per week. At least 4 of those days she will run to the gym and home (6 miles round trip) and participate in a 90 minute class (boot camp or body pump). She is 66 inches tall and weighs 156 lbs. She meets with you because she desires to eat “healthier” and lose 15 lbs. You want to collect a 24-hour recall but yesterday she mentions she was a wedding which is an atypical eating day. She cannot recall intakes on prior days. Answer the following: 1. How would you proceed? 2. What would be a feasible plan and/or method to collect diet intake data in this scenario? 3) What other relevant information is necessary to help you work with Liza? https://reader.yuzu.com/#/

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