Explain your ideas about what you would include in this brief opening scene.

For this third and final task you will write a script for an oral presentation. Imagine that you are the director of the movie that you watched in Task 2. You have decided to add one more scene at the very beginning of the movie immediately following the opening credits. The purpose of the scene will be to clue the audience on whether this is going to be an existentialist, modernist, or postmodernist movie. It should be abundantly clear from what you say how your creative ideas would reflect an existentialist, modernist, or postmodernist approach to this particular movie.Write a script, jotting down some big ideas that you dont want to miss. Your script must include at least one visual aid (a graphic, or a slide).
Your script will be for a presentation of about 2-3 minutes in length.
Submit only a script, not a recording. Be imaginative, creative, engaging, and detailed.

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