What are some common modernist themes that exist in both an episode of Mad Men and The Waste Land?

Write an opinion paper of 500-600 words. Be sure to identify your texts and your examples clearly by citing your sources and creating a Works Cited page. You must submit both a rough draft with edits and a final copy. Save your work until you submit it at the end of Lesson 15. Remember, these are topics not thesis statements. You must decide for yourself how to take the topic and turn it into a thesis that you can defend.topic will be on:
Mad Men and The Waste Land as Modernist Texts.
Use specific examples from the text to support your opinion. Also consider how someone else might see things differently, that is, include some reference to a different interpretation that you dont support but that others might. For example, might someone else say that these two texts are more postmodernist than modernist?

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