Family Planning, Christian Missionary, Gender and Human Rights

Case Study 3 | Family Planning, Christian Missionary, Gender and Human Rights Assignment Overview Utilizing the long cycle process of case study analysis, in Parts 1 and 2 (steps A to G), conduct detailed analyses of relevant, timely cases presented in the course following instructions below. There are two parts to the case study analysis, each of which has the same deadline. Assignment Instructions In Part 1, collaborate with one of your peers to assess and evaluate evidence-based approaches to public health interventions from the viewpoint of a health services administrator, paying specific attention to the principles of health care management. 1. Review the assigned case study. 2. Download and review the Case Study Analysis Preparation Worksheet [DOWNLOAD] to prepare for collaboration with one of your peers in this course. ATTACHED 3. Pair up with one of your peers to collaborate around steps 1 through 10 in the worksheet 1. You will evaluate your peer’s contributions to this collaboration, as you will your peer evaluate yours. 2. The score from the peer evaluation will become part of your grade for this assignment. 3. Download the Peer Evaluation form [DOWNLOAD] and submit it with the worksheet at the specified deadline. 4. Post a question to your professor early (or contact the Professor via email), if and when you have any challenges with this collaboration. In Part 2, individually summarize a written analysis of your interpretations of real-world environmental health cases and examine any environmental health factors and implications for possible research, assessment, and problem solving. 1. Complete steps 11 through 14 in the worksheet individually. 2. Compose a summary that includes your takeaways and a reflection (step 14 in the worksheet). Case Study #3 – Family Planning, Christian Missionary, Gender and Human Rights o As the public health leader in this case, what are the major concerns raised by the number of incidents of bullying and STDs among the student population? o o How might you go about swiftly determining whether there are other cases of bullying, and how would you use your data analysis to develop an integrated strategy to address the numerous public health issues? o Your boss, Dr. Caine, has directed you to draft a press release to inform the community about the STD outbreak. What key points would you include in the press release? o Do you have any ethical concerns regarding issuing this press release? 3. Cite at least 2 scholarly resources to support your responses to steps 11 through 14. 4. Submit your completed worksheet, including your summary by the specified deadline. Assignment Requirements Identify immediate and basic issues within the case study, including the problem at hand, its significance, and related assumptions. Describe any missing information, risk factors, alternative strategies and negative outcomes. Define a problem statement (see example provided in the Case Study Analysis Preparation worksheet). Develop an action and implementation plan. Summarize take-aways and reflections on the process, as well as the viability of the plan. Assignment Scope Citation requirements: 2 Word count: 600-800 APA formatting o Title page o Reference page Plagiarism submission for Part 2 only Note: This assignment will be checked for plagiarism through

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