You are applying for a job. A male receptionist ushers you into an office where you are greeted by a female vice president who will conduct the interview? (3 points)

No Plagiarism is allow, additional instructions are under additional files The purpose of this career reflection is to think about our biases and initial impressions that relate to different facets of the world of work. Our career choices may also be influenced by societal and cultural influences, as well as family and peer input. Sometimes, we don’t even recognize our initial impressions or biases or generalizations we might have in workplace settings. Part I of your reflection is intended to look at your first impressions, be spontaneous and open. There are no right or wrong answers, your answers will not be shared with other students.Part IWhat are your first impressions to the following scenarios.

2. You find yourself in a statistics class in which all the students are Asian American? (3 points)3. You are flying to Chicago. A male flight attendant welcomes you aboard the plane; later a female voice says, “This is your captain speaking.” (3 points)Part IIComplete these sentences with the first thought that comes to mind (1 point each).4. Women are happiest in careers when….5. Men are happiest in careers when….6. Men tend to get angry about….

7. Women get depressed about….8. After looking at your responses, what influences from society, your family, your culture and/or peers impacted what how you think about gender and ethnicity in the workplace (2 points)?

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