focus could be chosen by the writer from the list of MET Exhibitions provided

Choose one work of art or design that you want to explore for its visual appeal, history and relevance to what we have covered (prehistoric art in Europe, Art of the Ancient Near East, Art of Ancient Egypt, Early and Later Asian Art, Art of Ancient Greece and the Aegean world, Roman Art, Jewish Early Christian and Byzantine Art, Islamic Art, Early Medieval and Romanesque Art, Gothic Art, Early Renaissance Art, Art of the high renaissance and Reformation, 17th century art in Europe). Be sure to relate it to one of our Core themes including art and design history, concepts, materials; there are many possible ideas. In the introduction, explain what attracted you to the piece & why you wanted to learn about it. Discuss what you learned, referring to your research. Your choice and research may bring you to new ideas and conclusions. There is room for interpretation and personal, informed opinion. Your choices should be on view in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Take copious notes on the piece, especially about the physical character of the works. Include an annotated bibliography of at least 8 sources. It is expected to use books as well as websites/ online papers. Use Chicago style for the bibliography. Include visual material you find in the books, articles and visual archives such as Artstor to help clinch your points. Label your illustrations and identify each with a caption to match your reference to them in your discussion (Fig. 1 Title, Fig. 2 Title, etc.). Be sure to include representative examples among your supporting visual material; verbal references to artifacts are not sufficient. You may also create digital charts or diagrams if that is appropriate. Most important, defend your views with clear reasoning and writing. Be original in your thinking, but be sure to be critical and analytical. Always support your opinion and ideas with specific examples and explanation. Do not just refer to something, describe and explain. You may always email me a draft or a few paragraphs to be sure you are on the right track. PLEASE provide me with a prospectus, an example of your bibliography, as soon as possible to make sure that I agree with your choice. Exhibitions on view at the MET relative Values: The Cost of Art in the Northern Renaissance Delacroix Art of Native America Dutch Masterpieces at the MET Streams and Mountains without End: Landscape Traditions in China The Poetry of Nature Dangerous Beauty: Medusa in Classical Art Chipendales Director: Designs and Legacy Celebrating Tintoretto

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