Tyler advocates a shift towards a less conformational approach to crime fighting. How does the concept of Community Oriented Policing and its core functions can help bridge the trust gap between the community and the police? 2. How does the culture and leadership of the law enforcement agency affect its relationship with the community? 3. Tyler advocates discretion regarding police investigatory contacts or in other words Terry Stops. What are Terry Stops? What role do they play in American law enforcement? a. Do you subscribe to the authors point of view regarding investigatory contacts and their effect on the community? 4. What does your research illustrate about ways to increase police legitimacy? Discuss in depth at least three principles. It is of utmost importance that you thoroughly discuss your answer to the questions, infuse your own experiences (if applicable) and/or state any ideas, opinions, solutions, and/or problems your research has generated. Justify your answers, ideas, opinions, positions, etc. and defend your logic. You are encouraged to expand around the main subject into areas that may validate or disprove different points of view, as it regards to the question being asked. You are expected to reference concepts, principles, lessons learned, studies, and research you studied during your program study. Therefore, the ability to illustrate the totality of your knowledge is a critical requirement. It must be a minimum of 3,000 words (excluding title page and references).

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