Focus on a particular tariff, quota or export subsidy levied by Chile on a specific good or industry. Find at least three scholarly and/or policy articles (list these articles at the end of your paper) that focus on trade policy for your Chile.

Use these articles to answer the questions below. STRUCTURE OF REPORT In the paper discuss how the articles relate to what we are learning about international trade in the course. The paper should include the following: 1. The first paragraph of your paper should provide a short description of the tariff, quota or export subsidy that you chose to focus on for this paper. List the major goods/services traded by the country of your choice. 2. The rest of the paper should include answers to the following questions: a. According to the international trade theories who gains and who loses from the tariff/quota/export subsidy you have chosen to write about in this paper? Provide specific examples to substantiate your answer. b. Compare and contrast the extent to which the Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson theory and Paul Krugmans Imperfect Competition theory help us understand the impact of increased or decreased trade in the country of Chile. c. Use the analysis of trade policy and the different theories to provide arguments in favor of and against the policy.

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