In what ways does the structure of a C corporation protect its owners from absorbing ethical responsibility for the companys actions?

The triple bottom line is a form of corporate social responsibility where leaders analyze bottom-line results. In addition, the companys effects are evaluated in terms of the social realm as well as in terms of the environment. At the intersection of ethics and economics is sustainability, or the long-term maintenance of balance. In which way(s) did the W.R. Grace Company comply or violate: a. Economic Sustainability b. Social Sustainability c. Environmental Sustainability There are three approaches to Corporate Responsibility – Corporate Social Responsibility; The Triple Bottom Line; and Stakeholder Theory. What is the importance of balancing stakeholder interests and how did the implementation or lack of implementation affect the W.R. Grace Company? Is the best method of managing Corporate Social Responsibility a governmental obligation, marketplace responsibility, or a hybrid of the two? Explain. What are the benefits of an Environmental Impact Statement; what are opposing arguments? Do corporations have an ethical responsibility to finance environmental protections? Did the W.R. Grace Corporation have a financial responsibility to protect the environment? Explain How does a Cost-Benefit Analysis align with Utilitarianism? How might a cost-benefit analysis pertain to the W.R. Grace Company? Is the creation of Grace Day an ethical issue? Why or why not?

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