From our assigned reading of chapter 9 of Theology for Beginners, name and discuss 3 main points that you learned about the nature and purpose of the human person, as created by God & how we can fulfill this purpose.

part b) What specifically did you learn about the reality and importance of God’s Grace for the ultimate fulfillment of the human person?See attachment theology chap 9 file to answer these questions (question 1 a and b)Question 2:
From our assigned reading in chapter 10 of Theology for Beginners, name and discuss 2 points that you learned about each of the following topics. Please number your topics, 1, 2, & 3 – before giving your 2 points for each topic. Do not run this answer all together, making it hard to distinguish your points.
1) The Fall of the Angels
2) The Fall of Adam [and therefore of Eve too!]
3) The Results of Adam & Eve’s Fall for the human race, which includes each one of us — please make sure you specifically mention how the fall of the human race is related to the reality of suffering and death in human life. See attachment theology chap 10 file to answer these questions ( question #2)Question 3: How did the video on the Angels by Monsignor Dan Hermes further your understanding of Angels and our relationship to them?Video #1: Angels and our relationship with them! Question 4: Using our assigned material from Medical Ethics, chapter 10, pgs. 66 – 71; chapters 25 – 26, pgs. 133 – 143, name and discuss 3 KEY points that you learned in regards to making good ethical choices concerning anyof the topics discussed in these chapters, which were of particular interest to you.
For this question (question #4)
see attachment Medical Ethics chap10 AND chap 25, 26Question 5: How did each of the two videos on the ethical issues involved in In Vitro Fertilization, IVF, help you learn more about why IVF is not an ethically good moral choice – due to its failure to safeguard the rights of the child and the dignity of the human person/embryo? Be specific in discussing what you gained from each video – numbering your answer as insights from video #1 and insights from video #2. Video #2: Why IVF is Morally Unacceptable – from a Biblical viewpoint time_continue=41&v=xmmLFG70U0s Video #3: Further Discussion on why IVF is against God’s teaching on the purpose of human sexuality not Use the INTERNET

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