Identify and discuss how the advancement of technologies have contributed to environmental problems.

Write in about 600 – 900 words. Use proper referencing (within Singapore) and citation formats. There are multiple environmental problems due to the adoption of modern technology that has led to the degradation of the environment. The ozone layer, which protects the environment from dangerous UV radiation, is being destroyed by the release of CFCs and this has led to the penetration of UV radiation to the lower atmosphere. The burning of fossil fuels as an energy source creates CO2, which, along with methane and CFCs, is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming. Fossil fuels, since the beginning of the industrial revolution, have been the dominant energy source for our economies but their burning has led to increased pollution. The global pollution due to the release of CFCs into the atmosphere has caused major health hazards such as global warming and acid rain. This can increase the incidence of skin cancer and affects plant growth. Given these negative impacts, global interest in climate change, and its effects on the environment and society, is at an all-time high. Countries around the world are increasingly acknowledging the shift that is needed from a fossil fuel-driven economy to one that is sustainable, green, and attempts to mitigate climate change. Non-liquid fuels which include electricity and natural gas will become increasingly important in the coming decades. The current model of road transportation where private cars, powered by petrol and diesel, contribute to air pollution is set to evolve as we will see more electric vehicles on the road. They run at least partially on electricity and, unlike conventional vehicles that use a gasoline or diesel-powered engine, electric cars and trucks use an electric motor powered by electricity from batteries or a fuel cell. In terms of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, electric cars and trucks are often cleaner than even the most efficient conventional vehicles.
(include research with: increased industrial activities, industrial waste, ozone layer depleted, more UV rays, global warming, deforestation)b.In view of increased environment problems and depletion of natural resources, describe the new technologies that are designed to alleviate the situation. (include research with use green energy, hybrid car, electric vehicle, smart grids)c.Discuss and comment on the potential benefits and negative impact that Green Technology has on mankind and the environment. (include words like: less pollution, healthier environment if adopt greentech, the way to dispose when solar panel end of life span, not cheap and returns low that is why private sector is not using it)d.With reference to Singapore, evaluate the new growth opportunities which arose because of the adoption of green technologies. (include research about SolarNova, $300million on R&D on GreenTech, Vehicle Emission Surcharge)e.Given the pace of technological advances, discuss your vision for environmental-friendly transportation equipment and the business opportunities that come with it. (forsee in the future: 10 years down the road, electric aeroplane? How much electricity can it carry and the distance it can travel)

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