Have you supported each reason with examples, facts, analogies, statistics, anecdotes, or quotes from authorities?

A Successful Essay Will HaveIntroduction:* A title specific to the topic* An attention getter* Background on the topic (please make it clear which prompt you are answering)* End with your thesis* A clearly stated thesis (your opinion your 1-2 sentence response to the essay prompt) which speaks to the so what ofthe issue and is not merely a list plan of development.Body:* Topic sentence that is related to the thesis* Supporting evidence* Quotes from the text (Remember to cite the quotes)* Consideration of and rebuttal against the other side of the topicConclusion:* DO NOT bring up a new topic* A suggestion of the consequences of your position for society, readers, individuals, what you want to happen in thefuture, or how the author might feel about your position, etc.Works Cited Page* That cites all sources using current MLA guidelines.Evaluation Criteria for Your Essay & Checklist:I will use the following criteria to evaluate your position paper:Did the writer engage the readers interest at the beginning and throughout the paper?
Did the writer chose an arguable position and defined it carefully (e.g. placing the issue in its historical or cultural context, citing specific
instances to make the issue seem less abstract, or establishing or redefining the terms of the debate)?Did the writer organize the paper into an introduction, body (containing several paragraphs), and conclusion?
Did the writer include at the end of the introduction a thesis statement that asserts a clear, unequivocal position on the issue you have chosen and, possibly, forecasts the stages of the argument, identifying the main reason or reasons that you will develop and support in the essay?
Have you given reasons why readers should take your position seriously?
Have you organized your reasons into a logical order (e.g. placing the strongest reason last and the second-strongest reason first, with the other reasons in the middle)?

Have you anticipated readers questions and their positions on an issue, counterarguing as needed?
Have you signaled explicitly the move from one topic to the next using forecasting statements, transitions, topic sentences, rhetorical questions, and/or summaries?
Have you cited at least four quotes in your essay, using MLA in-text (parenthetical) citation strategies correctly?
Have you integrated the sources into your essay, using signal phrases to introduce long quotations or incorporating shorter quotations
into the sentences smoothly?Have you included an MLA Works Cited at the end of your essay?
Are the sentences clear and correct?

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