Using the ethical framework model outlined in the additional files, explain how you plan to make an ethical decision about a student whose family recently emigrated from Mexico described in the case study below. Be sure to include components of multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skills.

Source 1: use the “STEPS” model for school settings, see additional files.
Source 2: Five moral principles, see additional files.
Source 3: Multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skills, see additional files.
Source 4: NACACs Statement of Principles of Good Practice (2016), see additional files.
Source 5: the ASCAs Ethical Standards for School Counselor (2016), see additional files.**Case Study:
You are currently a college counselor at a public school in New York City and have a great deal of pressure from your principal (your supervisor) to ensure all students attend four-year colleges. The principal has noted that your school tends to look better when students enroll in prestigious schools, which canin turnincrease funding for the school and attract higher performing students in the future.Carlos recently emigrated from Mexico with his mother, father, and twoyounger sisters. Since joining your school about two years ago, you have grown fond of Carlos and recognize his potential for success at a four-year college. Now that Carlos is a senior, you are keeping an eye out for scholarships for him to attend four-year elite private schools and live in the dorms. Carlos has expressed ambivalence about leaving home and whether college is the right path for him at this point in his life. He shared that he had spoken withhis parents about entering college and when he showed them the brochures from four-year private colleges, they were concerned about the finances. You have had little contact with his parents, which Carlos attributes to their work schedule and language barrier. You feel determined that an intelligent student like Carlos should be attending a four-year institutionand finances should not be a deterrent, because he will receive scholarships and financial aid. You believe his parents may not recognize their sons potentialand may not know that the college sticker price would not be what they arerequired to pay. Carlos brought you a brochure for a community college, where he could be a part-time student, work on the side to help support his family,and pick up his sisters after school. During supervision, you tell your principal about the situation and he offered for the school to pay the application fees for Carlos to give some help to the family. A few days later, Carlos stated his parents were able to come in for a meeting after school to discuss how to find jobs for Carlos after graduation. You are now caught between your professional opinion thatCarlos shouldattend a four-year college, Carloss desire for a part-time community college, and his parents desire for him to obtain a job. Ethically, you are struggling how to counsel the family.Here are some questions to think about:
1) What should you do to prepare for your meeting with Carloss parents?
2) What will you say to his parents?
3) How do you anticipate his parents will respond to you?
4) What multicultural factors may be influencing you, Carlos, his parents, and your principal?

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