Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

What factors influence the retirement ageYou will be required to submit a well-written 4 page essay (not including title page or references) on the specific topic in aging you identified at the end of Week 1(). The purpose of this paper is to link historical and demographic trends to contemporary issues in gerontology. Your essay should rely on assigned class readings as well as the information you gathered as part of your bibliography assignment. Remember, you should always use in-text citations for information that you gathered from another source and include a reference list at the end of your essay. Use APA format for this assignment. Many students leave out the historical part of this assignment. Please make sure to include substantive information on the historical aspect of your topic! Failure to do so will result in a significant reduction to your grade. Many students also leave out demographic information (the impact that age, gender, race, education, culture, etc has on your topic). Again, failure to include this information will result in a significant reduction to your grade.Your essay should address the following items: Topic selected (brief description)
Historical background (e.g. When did this become an issue in aging? Why?)
Influence of demography on selected issue
Contemporary aspects of the topic (e.g. Why is this an important issue in aging now? )

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