Capital punishment death delayed. Aba Journal, 88, 36-43.Long, T. (1973). Capital punishment-“cruel and unusual”?

Your assignment is to write a response on your belief of capital punishment and its relationship
for deterring crime, while discussing the ethical issues. The response you provide is to be
supported by research and should be written at a graduate level.References to be utilized are below:Banks, C. (2017). Criminal Justice Ethics: Theory and Practice, 4th Edition.Melusky, J., & Pesto, K. (2011). Capital punishment (Historical guides to controversial issues in america). Santa Barbara, Calif.: Greenwood. (2011). Gibeaut, J. (2002). Ethics, 83(3), 214-223. doi:10.1086/291880***if you can not locate the journals provided simply utilize another Journal as a reference please

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