How did the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 lead to the rise of urban poverty in Americans cities by the 1870s?

For your final exam, you will write a final essay (at least 4-5 typed pages) to fully address ONE of the following prompts: The Rise of Urban America: Your essay should include the transportation revolution, the market revolution, the rise of urban America, and social sorting (class and ethnic) that took place across the late 19th-century urban landscape. The Civil War: Between 1861 and 1865, Americans killed one another on an unprecedented scale. Over 620,000 (more recent estimates are 750,000) Americans died during the Civil War. In your essay, please explain why Americans went to war with one another, how the North won the war, and how the political and economic position of southern blacks improved (and did not improve) by 1877. Your essay should be between 4-5 pages (800-1000 words) and you should cite all of your sources (at least 6). I will attach a rubric to this project this evening.

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