Leadership Styles and Organizational culture and structure

Part 1: Identify different functions of and approaches to management and leadership styles within the organization 1. Choose a famous personality who is a business leader in the Aviation Industry. 2. Conduct comprehensive secondary research on the management and leadership style of the chosen leader. 3. Discuss 4 different leadership styles that exist in the current working environment of major organizations. 4. Analyze and discuss the difference between management and leadership activities conducted by the chosen leader. 5. Analyze the effectiveness of his/her leadership style. Give real life examples, facts and figures which illustrate effective leadership. Discuss the impact of leadership on the success of his/her organization. You can discuss how successful the organization has been financially and any awards they have obtained under this leader. Any other achievements can also be mentioned. If there is any evidence or research on improvement in employee performance, this can also be mentioned here. Part 2: Classify the organisational culture of an organisation and determine its relationship with structure and performance. 2- Define different types of organisations and their associated structures. Choose a recognized and known airline (such as Emirates, Etihad, KLM, Lufthansa) or an organisation related to the Aviation industry (such as DNATA, CAA).Conduct secondary research on the chosen organization. 1. Write a short literature review (max: 500 words). This review should include a discussion on the organizations background, its products or services and reputation. 2. Identify the organisational culture of this organisation and its effects on the organisations success or failure. For this you need to a. Identify the type of organisational culture that exists in the organization. Use the seven primary characteristics of culture for the purpose of this analysis. b. Discuss the relationship of organisational culture with structure and performance of this organisation. 3. Discuss the 6 elements of organisational structure and talk about the structure that exists in your chosen organisation. 4. Compare and contrast the mechanistic and organic organisation structures and then identify under which category does your chosen organisation fall and why?

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