How do the technologies support the business models and competitive strategies deployed by the companies (Swot, Pestle, Business model canvas)

the essay is comparing two companies that have a successful e-business (Hellofresh and Warby Parker)the essay has 5 main areas:
– Introduction: introducing the companies digital platforms and technology used (sensors, AIs, robotics, scanner, etc) and how these technologies are used to generate business and customer value

– what are the key operations and activities of the business and how are they enabling the technologies used? How effective are the companies in doing this?
The analysis should include: listing if the company is B2B or/and B2C, Marketing and communications (including the use of Web pages, social media, and mobile applications) with an analysis of the Web page through a table that is going to be uploaded later on. it should also include the inter-firm collaboration and supply chain management. The role of technology in enabling business flexibility (in terms of working practices, engagement with customers and partners and ability to innovate)
– what are the similarities and differences between the two companies using the previous analysis? what can each company learn from each other? (a table would be okay for the similarities and differences)
– drawing from the previous point and your knowledge of e-business, what recommendations would you make for each company in order to improve its digital strategies and operations? (can be in the format of points)
More will be available in the additional file

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