identify the aspects of Management and Organizational Behavior that most resonated with them during their project and throughout the course.

Students must discuss examples from their team collaboration as well as interaction with the community partner, community members, and/or other individuals they encountered during the course of the engagement.Papers should integrate theory and course concepts in analyzing students observations. Concepts can include chapter topics such as team dynamics, leadership, motivation, culture, personality, power, teams, decision making, communication, perception, etc. Incorporate those lessons into a critical observation of students team-based interactions. Some suggestions (but are not limited to): What aspects of the team project were most challenging for you?
What did you learn about organizational behavior from your community partner? Your team?
What individual behaviors, processes, or characteristics did students observe?
Did interaction with team members meet your expectations of participation? If not, how could it have been different? If so, why?
How did the experience assist in your understanding of organizational and/or team dynamics?
Students must also reflect on topics of social justice and the overall outcomes of completing community-based service learning.

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