How does the doctrine of sin (broadly understood, not restricted to original sin help us understand our human existence and our need for God?

Assess the contribution of Wesley in the understanding of sin. The understanding of the teachings of John Wesley will give us a deeper appreciation for our tradition and doctrinal beliefs. It will help you to understand the fullness of the preaching of Wesley and the importance of the right conception of sin. Doctrine of Sin Paper Review Chapter 5 of your textbook by Samuel .M. Powell and Chapter 4 of your textbook by David .A. Case. Powell notes, John Wesley is well known for asserting that sin properly so called is a voluntary transgression of a law of God. This definition reflects the character of sin in the form of unrighteousness. This is an important aspect of sin; however Wesley did not intend for this definition to be a complete or adequate definition (p. 116). Write a two-page paper describing how our thinking about sin and grace are affected by Wesleyan theology. Use at least one academic source other than the textbooks and dictionary in your research for this paper. To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need thoroughly addressed: What is John Wesleys definition of sin? What is the meaning of voluntary transgression? How does the doctrine of sin help us understand our human existence and our need for God? Provide at least one outside source beyond the textbook, Bible, and dictionary.

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