Distinguish between at least three forms of sin and explain the significance of the fact that the Christian tradition presents a variety of ways (i.e. forms) of portraying sin. How does our understanding of sin affect our understanding of personal holiness?

Evaluate the biblical understanding of sin and other competing theories of sin. Having the right definition of sin is the key to understanding the fullness of Gods plan of salvation. Sin is defined by some as missing the mark, and not achieving the goal (Philippians 3:11-15). We must understand how Jesus sees sin, and how His precious blood redeems us from its grip. Definition of Sin Discussion please use textbook plus other source Read Chapters 4-7 in your textbook by Samuel .M.Powell (Discovering our Christian Faith – an introductory to theology). Concentrate especially on Chapter 5 in preparation for these learning activities. Powell notes, Sin appears as foolishness, the opposite of wisdom. Foolishness is a mode of existence that takes no account of God (p. 114).

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