How is sex trafficking American Slavery?

Write a 6-8 page paper in which you summarize, review, and analyze the information you have found about a specific topic.Frame a research question about the topic.
Define the concepts inherent in the topic.
Students will then explore the topic using credible and non-credible resources, and be able to describe the differences in quality of information.
Students must then also be able to explain what an appropriate, systematic method would be to get answers, or research, the research question.
Your final paper should be between 6-8 pages of text and in addition, a cover sheet formatted in accordance with APA style, and e reference page with references formatted in APA style.
The final paper should be a review of literature about your topic and you should be able to explain how your research question would propose to elaborate on this topic.
How should this assignment be done?
This paper requires that you have collected, read, and reviewed the following sources:5 newspaper articles
5 websites
5 peer reviewed articles from scholarly databases
This brief literature assignment will be reviewed in accordance with rubric that accompanies this assignment.Why is it important?Being able to evaluate information for its credibility is an important life skill.
Before you can go on to explore your idea it is important that you know what has already been said, or is known about your topic.
It is also important to know what kind of research has been done on the topic.
You should also learn who the most well-known experts are who have written and researched the topic you have chosen.
What resources are available to learn more about how to write a literature review?
You can easily Google the term Literature Review or How to write a literature review and find many credible sources. Listed below are a few:University Library: Write a Literature Review
UNC:Literature Reviews
The Writing Center: The Writer’s Handbook
Guidelines for writing a literature review
Taking in and receiving information, and then turning this around in your mind and making sense out of it so that you can use the information, is an important skill to be developed and honed during your lifetime. Professional careers depend on processing lots of information and being able to use that information to attain your goals. As a college graduate with a defined major field of study, employers and others expect you to have content knowledge in your field of study and thus this paper affords an opportunity for you to develop in-depth knowledge in a particular topic.

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