Human Resources Management theory and practice since the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s therefore, find scholarly articles from journals dated 2013 or later.

Literature Review on EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION of scholarly literature that must be a minimum of ten (10) complete pages of typed narrative, using 12 point Times New Roman fonts on all pages (including the title page and references list), one-inch margins on all four sides, and double-spacing. Submitting 9.9 pages of typed narrative or less will result in a substantial grading penalty. The required title page, abstract, and required references page do not count toward the minimum page count. 4) Structure of the Literature Review o Always begin written assignments with a title page, typed in 12-point Times New Roman fonts. This must include the title of paper, your name, course number, course name, university name, professors name, and date submitted. o An abstract is required for the literature review. This must be placed on its own separate page, and must follow the title page and precede the Introduction section. An abstract is a concise summary of the key points of your research. Write the abstract last. o The Introduction, Conclusion and all remaining sections of the Literature Review must be organized under Level 1 headings (centered, boldface, with uppercase and lowercase letters see pp. 62-63 of the APA manual about Level 1 headings). o Current literature only: In terms of academic scholarship, articles published within the past five years are considered current. For the literature review, you must find articles dated 2013 or later. Much has changed in o The References list (beginning on a new, separate page following the narrative) must include at least ten scholarly references, dated 2013 or later, including the Bible. (Note: According to page 179 of the APA manual, the Bible is considered a Classical Work and, as such, must not be placed in the references list. However, in-text citations for Bible chapters and verses should be provided. This means that you will have at least 10 sources, including the Bible, but only nine will appear on the references list.) o Center the word References at the top of the references list (not Works Cited or Bibliography) in 12 point Times New Roman fonts. Each row of each reference must be double-spaced, and references must be typed with a hanging indent. o Do not include course textbooks as a references. o The APA format requires that you insert in-text citations at the correct places in the narrative each and every time someone else influenced your work, and when you use the ideas, statistics, terms or information of others. Peer-reviewed journal articles only; current articles only– Articles from peer-reviewed, scholarly journals only. No books, textbooks, dot.coms, blogs, conferences proceedings, newspapers, magazines, etc. Use scholarly sources only

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