The role of the Hero: Compare and/or contrast any two poems, plays, or stories we have read this semester in terms of heroism. What IS a hero?

Can you think of some characters who are heroic in some fashion? Some possibilities: Emily, in “A Rose for Emily”; the narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper”; Desiree, in “Desiree’s Baby”; Willy Loman, in “Death of a Salesman”; the grandmother, in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”; any of the characters in “The Open Boat”; Bernice, in “Bernice Bobs her Hair”: any of the narrators in the Harlem Renaissance poems? The narrator in Byron Herbert Reece’s poem “The Stay-At-Home”? Guidelines:
1. Please consult and incorporate at least four sources. You may use more sources, but you may not use fewer without a grade deduction. At least some of the sources need to be something other than a dotcom source – could be a book, an e-book, an academic article, etc.2. Your essay should include some quotes from the primary source (the story itself), and it should also include some quotes or paraphrases from secondary sources (biographers, historians, literary critics). Caution: If you Google the story, you may find information in sites like Wikipedia, Sparknotes, enotes, various free essay sites, cummingsstudyguides, Cliff Notes, various blogs, etc. You may certainly browse through those as a starting point, but for a college level academic essay, these are not considered reliable sources. Do NOT quote them or include them in your works cited page. Your sources should usually be written by authors who hold Ph.D.s, and they should be considered authorities in their field (a professor who holds a Doctorate in Faulkner studies, for example). One way to find good sources is to scroll down to the very bottom of a Wikipedia article. There you willl find a list of reliable academic sources that the author of the Wikipedia article used to write his or her article. You may read and refer to some of those original sources and cite them in your essay, but don’t cite Wikipedia itself.This essay should not just be a collection of quotes strung together, however. Make sure the bulk of the essay is written in your own words, and just include a few short quotes to support your points. Also, don’t just randomly drop the quotes in the essay. Make sure you introduce the quote (establishing the credibility of the source), insert and cite the quote, and analyze the quote. Here’s an example: Acccording to one noted Faulkner biographer, “To read Faulkner means to get used to sex, murder, rape, abortion, impotence, ecstasy, sober brutality and intoxication, human tornados, psychic hurricanes and vampires” (Seyppel 20). Some of those gothic elements are evident in “A Rose for Emily”, as can be seen by looking at the last few pages . . . “So here I introduce the quote, insert and cite the quote, and begin to analyze the importance of the quote.3. Be sure to include both parenthetical citations and a Works Cited List. 4. Your last page shoud include a Works Cited List. Only sources actually mentioned (quoted, summarized, or paraphrased) in your essay should be listed in the Works Cited page.5. * Important: For help with sources, ideas, parenthetical citations, works cited pages, and Writing and Citing in general, access our library web site: Click on the Writing and Citing tab and then on MLA style.

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